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Supply of meat and dairy products to anywhere in the world

Processing of meat and dairy raw materials

REPEDRO LIMITED is a young and dynamically developing company that brings together professionals in the field of international trade and logistics. This gives us the opportunity to provide customers with a full range of services for the supply of quality food in their countries.

Our company successfully operates at the turn of trade flows between East and West, as our main suppliers are companies from Western Europe and Scandinavia, and the main sales markets are the countries of Eastern Europe, Central Asia, as well as China and the countries of Southeast Asia. We are constantly developing and looking for new directions for our business.
We are not just a trading company, we have our own production facilities for processing meat and dairy raw materials. This allows us to offer our customers not only a supply of raw materials in the form we receive it from our suppliers, but a product with the degree of processing that the client wishes to receive.
Own production
Multilanguage communication
Our team speaks English, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, and it allows us to remove the language barrier in communication with partners.
We have several subsidiaries in the regions where we work. This allows our customers to conclude contracts and make payments within the framework of their usual jurisdiction and in the currency that is convenient for them. Furthermore, we do not use offshore companies from the black list and schemes for tax evasion in our business. Our companies pay all taxes and submit reports in accordance with the legislation of the country of registration – it gives a guarantee of secure collaboration with our counterparties.
No offshore accounts
International shipping experience
We are experts in organizing the international delivery of goods by sea, rail, road and air transport in full compliance with the temperature regime. This allows us to say with confidence that we will ship products to our client anywhere in the world in proper condition.
We have extensive experience in the preparation of accompanying documents and customs clearance of goods for export and import in the regions where we operate. So, we will be able not only to provide consulting services on the interaction with customs and veterinary authorities, but also to completely take on the organization of the export or import of goods.
Accompanying documents provided
The best cooperation terms
As we have our own production facilities, we can fulfill an order of any level of complexity, while we optimize costs and offer the lowest possible price in the market. Our well-established scheme for shipping goods to Eastern Europe and Asian countries makes it possible to deliver goods even in a short time.
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